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Tiffany & Co. Boutique Fragrance  Vending Experience


Custom Fragrance Vending Machines


London, Covent Garden

London, King's Cross Station


July 2018 - Present

Tiffany & Co has worked with K6 Design Group and unveiled a new premium perfume vending machine in the jewellery brand's new London store. Inside the space the brand is hoping to encourage creativity and playfulness – by installing an intelligent vending machine where, you can pick up the brand's first fragrance.

The vending machine is part of a new contemporary space inside Tiffany's latest boutique, which opened earlier this month in Covent Garden. As well as the world's chicest vending machine, the jewellery brand has installed a number of other elements to encourage creativity. This includes Tiffany Blue wooden crates displaying whimsical 'Everyday Object' accessories and a #MakeItTiffany personalisation bar.

"We’ve integrated uniquely playful displays that reflect the wit and humour of Tiffany design to create a one-of-a-kind, experiential destination," Richard Moore, vice president, creative director of store design and creative visual merchandising at Tiffany & Co said.

The store – which is located on St James' Street in Covent Garden – is open now.

K6 Design Group, created a bespoke vending machine, inline the boutique's playful and millenial shopper's. It automatically dispenses the product via a technical chassis once payment has been made.

Notably, It is the UK's first contact less chip & pin vending machine allowing transactions above the typical £30 limit, allowing Tiffany to dispense high value luxury product in-store.


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