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What you need to know

Any project can be broken down into a number of distinct phases. We've tried out best to make this section as clear and comprehensive as possible. Cutting out the jargon and highlighting only 'what you need to know' in each.

We can pick up a project at any point. Whether you have a clear idea of the direction you want to take, have already got a prototype but need help getting that into production for manufacture. Or maybe you are new to the design and development process.

Our strategy is specific to each project, for this reason, it's very difficult to provide a finite quotation for the whole project after a quick telephone call. Instead we'll help you identify the key areas that must be addressed for the project to have a chance of success and get working on these whilst we firm up any outstanding areas.

To give you an idea of the types of skills and processes we employ throughout the process we've included some keywords below.

Product Design 

Our fundamental discipline is product design, creating new and innovative products to satisfy and solve problems. How we differentiate ourselves from the other product design consultancies is by working in a more concentrated area, products that have self service aspects, interactions, mechanisms that dispense or vend actual products, kiosks that deliver to the customer user interfaces to explore and browse services, we're not limited to these areas of course but it's where we feel we have enough experience and knowledge to lever a significant advantage.

Products are ultimately judged on ease of use, function and reliability, these create positive experiences for users to benefit from, understanding this is key to the success of any product. By designing from a users perspective we strip out as much of the unnecessary as possible, creating modern and simple solutions that stand out from the market.


Concept Generation

Crucial to any idea is the ability to clearly express it to others. Concept generation helps get ideas down on paper. Rapidly exploring ideas and details whilst keeping a visual record for future reference. It's not just about pretty pictures but helping other people 'get it'. The old adage 'a picture says a thousand words' couldn't be more true, when it comes to selling your big idea.

Everybody has their own opinion and it's important to find points of agreement that can be unified into a single concept, whilst exploring others that may have been overlooked.

With a range of concepts ideas can be clearly presented, high level decisions made and the idea can start to take shape.

Project Management

The success of any project is by and large down to the management behind it. Our experience in new product development means we know whats a realistic timeline or budget and what isn't.

To get the project moving we adopt a flexible, practical working approach. Trying to firm up a clear direction, overall concept and suitable strategy.

We then start identifying any areas of risk or uncertainty, breaking those down into seperate, manageable and controlled phases.

Once any areas of risk have been explored and signed off we take the most direct approach possible to get to either the prototype or production stage.

We're happy to advise you as much as we possibly can especially when picking up a new project.


Prototyping unfolds in a number of ways. For a new product it can be important to gauage user feedback, highlight to an investor the products potential or accurately calculate the cost of the product to manufacture in volume.

New product development often isolates key areas that are critical to a products success. This requires a proof of concept also known or feasibility study which serves to quickly validate an idea. Prototyping doesn't need cost the earth or be aesthetically pleasing, it simply has to demonstrate a principal to test, evaluate and validate.

We work with both local and international prototyping agencies, ensuring a cost effective and competitive service throughout.


Because of the variety of projects we handle, we do not manufacture in house. Instead we specify the right manufacturer for the right project. Over the years we've built up a list of reliable companies who can get the job done, on schedule and within budget.

We oversea all aspects of the manufacturing process, ensuring quality, reliability and repeatability throughout. Validating and signing off production drawings against approved tolerances, design schemes and specifications.

By not restricting ourselves to a particular manufacturing process, we can explore more options at the design stage, choosing a process that gives a better surface finish or better suits the intended production run. From sheet metal fabrication to aluminium extrusions through to vacuum casting and injection moulding we've used them all and can offer you all the advantages, whilst highlighting any limitations along the way.

Ongoing Support

Beyond manufacture the choice is up to you, whether you want to go it alone or for more technical type products you want reassurance that your idea can be supported both in the field and for any future upgrades / modifications.

We know the right contractors for projects large or small. For the occasional installation or site survey were happy to something we could do ourselves.​






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