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K6 is an established, UK based, Industrial Design Consultancy with years of experience working with companies of all sizes to design and deliver Capital Goods; these typically include Unattended Kiosks, Automated Key Lockers, innovative Retail POS concepts, Vending machine innovation, Workstation Design - the list goes on.


We provide Research & Development facilities, scan and keep abreast of myriad suppliers of new technologies - we were the first company to build a Chip & PIN vending machine in the UK.


PCB design and manufacture is often at the electronic heart of our solutions - concepts developed in-house and then produced by one of our UK based manufacturing partners.


Similarly enclosures and more generally metalwork or plastic elements are designed in-house and, depending upon the specific requirements sent to one of our UK based manufacturing partners.


All projects receive a detailed project management schedule, typically divided into phases of development with specific deliverables at the end of each phase.


Working closely with you, the client, we are able to create Innovative products, elements of which may have Intellectual property (IP) that we can assist in securing legally on your behalf.


Our facilities and location allow us to receive large products and work on them in house, ensuring effective testing, development & refinement.


All enquiries are handled professionally and in the strictest of confidence, with non disclosure agreements (NDA's) available upon request.


At K6 we believe that good design is about creating products and solutions that satisfy customers needs and user's expectations whilst simultaneously exploiting technological advances to provide a forward-thinking, innovative and fresh approach.


We bring together well established manufacturing partners from around the UK to guarantee quality products and delivery schedules, utilising our CAD systems, we can offer accurate visual representations for presentation, development schedules, as well as physical concept models to assist client interpretation as the project progresses.


Initial consultations are free and in the strictest confidence, so call or email and let’s start talking.

Gavin Barnett

Gavin Barnett


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