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EVO - A unique digital photo booth


Innovative, digital photo booth




Infinity Digital LTD wanted to challenge the established norm in the photo booth market with a striking new enclosure for their new digital print technology developed in partnership with Sony.

The familiar square box with a curtain on the side was at the opposite end of the spectrum to where Infinity wanted to take this product. The design criteria was to create a contemporary & clean design that a retailer would be happy to place in the centre of a store rather than tucked away under the staircase or the furthest corner. This meant that from the very outset site owner appeal was paramount to the success of the product and had a major influence in the early conceptual stage of development. It was also essential for the product to accommodate the diversity of the general public, without an increase in footprint over a traditional photo booth.

The outcome was EVO, designed around a central camera, display & operating console. Incorporating these three items into a module that could be adjusted along a vertical axis, these elements could be repositioned with finger tip control adjusting the cameras eye line instantly. The booth was designed as an open top unit allowing users both tall or small, able bodied or disabled the opportunity of a great photograph. To capitalise on Sony's new digital print technology, the printer was positioned inside the booth, giving greater intimacy to the photos which were printed almost instantly touch dry, avoiding the unnecessary waving and blowing of a wet photo.


'Evo was launched at The Design Museum London to great success; sponsored by Esquire magazine it appeared at Arcadia's flagship Topshop store and French Connection Oxford Street. It was also used as a promotional tool at Esquire's 'Esquire is ten party' capturing guests and the nights antics.' 



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