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Data Select, future concepts for SIM card vending


Sim card vending concepts & future scenarios based on forthcoming technology

To demonstrate the future of products and services related to SIM card vending, we were asked to create a concept for network providers to be able to better advertise and dispense SIM cards and other associated products and services related to mobile phones and networks.


Future concept SIM card vending machine and advertisement beacon.


The result was a standalone product, capable of attracting user attention in very busy environments by allowing for 360 viewing and branding.

Situated in premium high footfall locations 'beacon' would integrate into various networks and information systems, including airport and transport terminals.

Proximity based advertising would ensure that mobile network and operator advertising campaigns could develop a suitable level of interaction, engaging passing users by switching screen content and visual stimuli to better attract interest and attention.

'Beacon' would also allow products to be physically dispensed to the user allowing them access to essential SIM cards and material that the network wished to provide.

These services could be promoted freely or paid through by chip and pin terminals, or future contactless payment methods.




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