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Pouchlink, A revolutionary vending machines mixing and flash chilling drinks


On demand drinks ​vending machine


Across the UK



Waterwerkz LTD have developed an innovative packaging system, which is powering an exciting new generation of vending machines that can package liquid based products 'on-demand' the technology enables a high volume of product to be stored in a minimal space and offers significant benefits for businesses and the environment over current practices in vending and packaging.

A complex system was needed to enable on-demand packaging to work, this included:

This required a method of reliably handling the individual pouches, allowing the screw cap to be removed, pouches to be filled, screw cap replaced, drink flash chilled and dispensed all without compromising stringent food standards requirements...

The innovative step was to link the individual pouches, creating a long chain that could be loaded and handled reliably by the machines automated processes. This lead to a number of unique design steps resulting in the client being able to apply for several international patents.




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